Trust Us to Recover Your Workers’ Compensation
and No Fault Claims

Physicians, and other acute care facilities, understand that recovering payment for Workers’ Compensation and No Fault/Accident Claims can be time-consuming and frustrating. At Healthcare Billing Services of NY (HBS of NY) we understand your frustration and we’re here to ensure that you receive the compensation you have earned in a smooth and timely manner.

Our Specialized Approach Gives You More Revenue and Less Hassle

At HBS of NY, we believe in professional relationships with the clients and patients. Whether the issue is insurance or eligibility, we work on your behalf to secure approval of benefits and expedite payment. 

Getting Results is What We Do

We get on the phone and speak to patients and insurance companies. We untangle the bureaucracy and get to the heart of what’s preventing settlement. We work harder and our hard work lets you maximize a formerly static area of income.